ARTIFACTS is a premium specialty retail brand embracing fashion, art, design and innovation.
We aim to create a unique experience through thoughtfully curated discoveries from our travels around the world.

At our stores, you will encounter collections from the world’s top fashion designers, endearing home objects, modern technology essentials,
and many life-inspiring crafts with the finest quality.

Our 7 stores are strategically placed within the popular shopping districts of Taiwan: In Taipei,
ARTIFACTS is located in both DunHua and Xinyi shopping districts. In Taichung, we are located in the luxury-shopping district, Xitun.

ARTIFACTS 獨特的生活哲學態度,來自世界各地藝術家巧思作品,
ARTIFACTS 分享一種靈感、體驗與思維方式, 

目前 ARTIFACTS 的七家店面皆設定在台北市與台中市的繁華購物區域,